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Web Site Design Services

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"We get you on the Web"

Satisfy Customers, Save Time

The Internet is called the "Information Superhighway" for a good reason. It is easier and faster to get information today than at any other time in history. The more information you can get into your customers' hands, the greater their satisfaction will be. You can present picture galleries of your fine craftsmanship, display specs for a new product, make product brochures available online, or provide a list of answers to frequently asked questions, just to name a few examples. Imagine how much more efficiently you can use your time when you no longer have to handle these things personally.

Cost Effective Advertising

It can cost nearly a thousand dollars a month for a good-sized ad in the phone book. The monthly cost of the basic web presence that we provide is hardly more than the cost of a good business lunch. Being on the web gives your business wide exposure to people who want to know more about your company. Using our web site design services is a move well worth the investment.

They're Looking NOW

Consumers increasingly do their own research online before opening their wallets. Those consumers are looking on the web right now for services that your company can provide. A "wait and see" approach will not help your business in the future. Whether you have a web presence or not, your competitors do. If people cannot find information about your company on the web, they will find information about your competitor's company. Don't risk losing business to your competitors!

Tap Into Dramatic Growth

The World Wide Web is the fastest growing area of business today. Electronic commerce over the Internet has grown to the hundreds of billions of dollars, and there's no end in sight. Many households are currently moving to digital TV sets. This means that all the people who own computers and digital TV sets -- hundreds of millions of them, and growing -- are surfing the Web. This is why companies large and small are rushing to get a piece of the action. Take advantage of our web site design services today, because the bigger the web grows, the better the business opportunities and revenue resources there will be, available for all businesses with a web presence.

Flexible And Accessible

Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple Computers) remarked that, "Ultimately, the web will be the most powerful direct-to-customer distribution channel." A presence on the web has become as important as having a telephone number. It's a way for you to be accessible to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your web presence offers a flexible medium that can be changed weekly, daily, even hourly to meet your needs. Combine this with the ability to gather data -- through on-line forms for e-mail response, on-line ordering, and more -- and you have an invaluable communications tool that will soon have you wondering how you did without it.

Winning Combination

Our Design Philosophy, which emphasizes efficient design, coupled with the detailed Process we use for every client collaboration, is a winning combination for you.

We can also be the host for your new web site. Check out our Web Hosting division, Internet Home Page Services.

Features Benefits
High Bandwidth (Fast Performance)
Domain Name Registration (
E-Mail Autoforwarding and Autoresponding
Site Search
FTP Access
Electronic Commerce
Animated GIFs, Banners, Image Maps, Sound, Real Audio
Custom Logos, Layouts, Graphic Design, Special Artwork
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Cost Effective Advertising
Time-Saving Communication
Competitive Pricing
Efficient, Optimized Design
Tailored to Your Business

Basic Pricing

Every web site is unique, so pricing may be determined on an individual project basis. There may be additional fees for custom programming and other special features, but in general, the basic guideline for pricing is as follows:

Description Price
Monthly Hosting as low as $9.95*
First Page $100.00
Subsequent Pages $50.00

Please note that we offer finder's fees for all successful referrals. Please ask us about it!

*When paid 12 months in advance

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